Changing People
"For the first time ever, the guys on the line, operations, and the front office were all connecting as partners.

Once we got past our old attitudes, you could almost see the light bulbs going on over everybody's heads."
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Changing People
Changing People:
Opening Hearts and Minds

At Delta Stratagem, business transformation is all about rapid cultural change. Our mission is to help people understand their current state and change how they see, think and feel about themselves and their work.

We create business cultures in which people can connect with a common purpose and interact with good intentions, listening and mutual respect. Once we lay that foundation, work becomes more satisfying and more fun. Individual pride and imagination flourish and contribute to a shared vision.

Time after time, we've seen how our approach to business transformation leads to higher business performance. By changing people, we transform companies.

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Changing People
"You bet Tony's workshop took me out of my comfort zone.

For 12 years, nobody wanted to hear my opinion. By the third day, I started to get it. And so did the bosses."
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Changing People
Creating Purpose:
The Road to Transformation

If you want to take your business to ever-higher performance levels, Delta Stratagem can take you there. Our multi-vector approach to business transformation inspires people to act collaboratively across traditional boundaries toward a common purpose. And our approach gives them the tools and the courage to convert that inspiration into action.

We believe most business transformations fail because they are unidirectional and fail to address the obstacles presented by entrenched business cultures. Our holistic approach disrupts underlying beliefs and long-term behaviors and then points the way out of the chaos.

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Changing People
"The folks from Delta Stratagem are catalysts of change. I saw them take our toughest, most negative employee and turn him into a passionate, engaged leader."
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Changing People
Inspiring Passion:
A Team that Teaches Change

Delta Stratagem is made up of a team of professionals who are passionate about their drive to restore America's business greatness, one company at a time.

Tony Mangione (Founder and Cultural Transformation Agent)
Allison Whiting (Team, Leadership, and Behavioral Specialist)
Jim McDonough (Lean Strategist)
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Changing People
"I knew we could build or consolidate facilities. We could rearrange the work floor or update systems for incremental change. I wanted to push us farther. Delta Stratagem helped me turn this business around and give it a future."
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Changing People
Sparking Performance:
Excellence in Action

Delta Stratagem knows how to jump-start moribund companies. Transform the people and you can transform the company.

Look at any business - manufacturing or services. Take away the capital assets and what's left are interactions among employees, customers and suppliers. Operational and administrative excellence depends on the people.

We help employees get smarter about the business. Followers turn into contributors, eager to share their knowledge about the realities of the line. Executives see how they can use their talents to get their people what they need to excel and grow the business rather than remaining slaves to spread sheets and short-term financials. This is the stuff that reinvigorates companies and replaces doubt with confidence in the future.

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Transformation in Action:
Delta Stratagem Case Studies

Acro Industries
One of the American dreams is to start your own business and be your own boss. But if your expertise is in tool and die and manufacturing rather than in business management, your business can stall regardless of the hours you pour into it. And then the dream can turn into a directionless nightmare.

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When order volumes exploded, this manufacturer ramped up by implementing a rapid cultural transformation to Lean that drove ongoing, double-digit productivity gains in subsequent years.

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Speaking Engagements

University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change open seminars on Metrics in a Lean Environment -2011

American Society for Quality Annual conference- Rochester Section - 2010

ASQ - Rochester Section - 2009

Fifth State Illinois State Council SHRM Conference and Exposition - Chicago - 2004

Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Performance Improvement Conference - Rochester - 2003

Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Performance Improvement Conference - Rochester - 2002

Illinois SHRM Annual Conference - Chicago 2002

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Changing People
The Delta Stratagem Approach:
Inspired by American Lean

"America is not Japan. You can't just tell people what to do. You have to help them understand the "why," invest in the process and own the change. Only Toyota is Toyota. Each company needs to define its own path and learn how to succeed on its own."
Tony Mangione, President, Delta Stratagem

Tony developed the Delta Stratagem approach following a 20-year career in Lean transformation at General Motors. He has helped with turnarounds at companies large and small, including Philips and GE. Tony holds an MBA in Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, an MS in Manufacturing Management and MS in Operations Management from Kettering University. He also created manufacturing-oriented training in the Lean methodology through various associations and universities including the University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change, where lectures as a Senior Fellow.

Tony applies the disciplines and analysis principles of traditional Lean in a uniquely American brand that acknowledges independence, individuality and the entrepreneurial spirit. This synthesis transforms business by forging individual components of organizations into a cohesive force for success. It connects strategy with operational excellence and an integrated workforce that transcends departmental structures. "I look at current states and lead people to see what's missing. The goal isn't to achieve what's possible, but what one thinks is impossible."

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Changing People
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